Could you ‘earn’ over £100,000 from this information in the next few months too?


Dear Friend,

If you’ve worked hard for what you have…

Then please read what I’m about to say very carefully:

As a cash-strapped government becomes ever more desperate for revenue, who is it going to look to squeeze?

Not the big corporations…

(As I write, Amazon has just paid a meagre £11.9m in UK tax – despite making sales of £5.3bn here!

So much for all the noise – the big companies still outwit our government at every turn.)

No – sadly, the obvious targets are the little guys who’ve worked hard and done OK…

But don’t have access to high-powered accountants and lawyers.

In other words, it’s going to become increasingly difficult to avoid being stung by a high tax bill in the months and years ahead.

But you do now have an equalizer…

Tax Confidential.

I admit: understanding and anticipating ever-changing taxation regulations may not sound exciting…

But what could be more exciting than preserving thousands of pounds each year in your bank account?

And that’s not just idle speculation.

In the last few months alone, as a Tax Confidential reader you could have saved:

  • £70,000 by sharing your inheritance tax allowance
  • £50,000 tax relief through crowdfunding
  • £2,000 in employers’ National Insurance contributions

Well, a penny saved is a penny earned – and that’s potentially £122,000 in ‘earnings’ already…

Of course, any savings will depend on your personal circumstances.

You may not necessarily have benefited from these.

But they’re just three examples.

You could also have taken advantage of other opportunities we’ve highlighted recently, such as:

  • How to earn up to £41,850 p.a. without paying any tax
  • How to reduce your inheritance tax liabilities from 40% to 36%
  • How you could pay some capital gains tax at just 10%

Now how much could they be worth to you?

The fact is this:

Staying up to date with tax news – and getting practical tips on the best action to take – is crucial to maintaining your wealth.

And with Tax Confidential, you can do that for as little as £199 a year…

That’s an awful lot cheaper than hiring a tax specialist to manage things for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Focused, relevant and timely information and guidance on navigating HMRC’s tax rules – saving you time, money and resources while reducing your tax risk.
  • A monthly publication, split into easy-to-navigate sections, so whether you’re a professional, a business owner, or simply interested in reducing tax liability on your investments you can find information relevant to you, fast.
  • Our top industry experts read between the lines of the latest tax headlines and tell you what you really need to know.
  • Access to the Tax Clinic – ask your specific questions and get an answer from a leading tax specialist.
  • Anyone interested in the world of tax will find hints and tips to reduce your tax bill, including up-to-date guidance on how to make the most of your personal tax allowances.

You’ll get all this for as little as £199 a year, when you join Tax Confidential below.

Considering the savings you could make, can you really afford not to?

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